7 Future Students Accepted in MFF Financial Literacy Program

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The Morgan Franklin Fellowship announced on Tuesday, November 21st that 7 students from the Portsmouth-based nonprofit Futures program have been accepted into the MFF Financial Literacy Program. The Futures’ mission is to provide mentoring, encouragement and financial assistance to selected students who show the ability, desire and motivation to attend college, but lack necessary resources.

The addition of the 7 Futures’ students brings the total participants in the 2018 MFF Financial Literacy program to 32. Earlier this year, 3 Breakthrough Manchester at SNHU students applied and were also accepted into the MFF program. Breakthrough Manchester at SNHU is a college-bound program whose mission is to give continued support in academic growth, educational enrichment, college-readiness and essential skill-building to highly motivated, underserved high school students.

“We are thrilled to have students from both Breakthrough Manchester and the Portsmouth Futures program participating in the Morgan Franklin program in 2018,” said Executive Director, Melissa Gould. “In keeping with our mission to teach youth from all socio-economic groups, our partnership with these two non-profit organizations allows us to serve both low-income and underrepresented students.”

All students and Fellows in all MFF programs work with Personal Mentors who provide encouragement and motivation and Financial Mentors who provide lesson reinforcement and support. “Our goal is to help our students and Fellows succeed,” Gould commented. “Our Financial Mentors include educators, financial experts, business owners, and high-level executives. These individuals will work one-on-one with our students and Fellows and add a depth of knowledge to the participant experience that we believe will be invaluable.”

The MFF Financial Literacy program kicks off in January and participants engage in three self-paced online courses. The topics include Introduction to Financial Literacy, Managing Personal Finances, and Managing Business and Long-term Finances. Course syllabi can be found here. Each lesson contains text, videos, and games designed to serve a variety of learner styles. Knowledge checks, reflection reports and participation are all built into the program. Participants who successfully complete the ten-month course earn the title of “Financial Fellow” and can apply to the MFF Investment Program. The MFF Investment Program teaches stock market investing through a hands-on program is open only to accepted MFF Fellows.


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