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Volume 1/Issue 2

2nd Quarter 2018


“I feel that this course (Morgan Franklin Fellowship Introduction to Financial Literacy) has given me the tools, and resources I need to better understand the financial industry.”

  • – Liam – 14

“I love that this is an online classroom and I can complete the course (Morgan Franklin Fellowship Introduction to Financial Literacy) when it is convenient for me.”

  • – Celia – 16


Do you know of a New Hampshire company that is committed to improving the lives of its employees and their families? This summer, Morgan Franklin Fellowship is seeking one New Hampshire partner to sponsor and test a pilot program designed to teach financial literacy to a group of employees and their children. The program is comprised of three online, self-paced courses:

FL1 – Introduction to Financial Literacy FL2 – Managing Personal Finances FL3 – Managing Business and Long-term Finances

Students who complete the MFF Financial Literacy Program with an 80% or better become MFF Fellows. Fellows are invited to apply to the MFF Investment Program, a follow up educational program in which participants make stock market investments and have the opportunity to build earnings to fund their own personal Roth IRA.

If you are interested, please call MFF Executive Director, Melissa Gould, at 603-548-6028. Additional program information can be found on the MFF website at

Allison Demirjian, 5th year MFF Fellow


Allison Demirjian loves to dance. She is also a freshman at Quinnipiac University, and way ahead of her college peers in her knowledge of financial literacy. “Many of my friends find the whole topic of financial literacy difficult or hard or overwhelming,” Allison said, “but I tell them that wasn’t my experience in the Morgan Franklin program.” Each student in the MFF educational program is assigned their own personal Financial Mentor. “It makes a difference having a knowledgable adult you can talk to,” she added.

In the MFF Investment Program, participants, known as Fellows, make yearly purchases in the stock market and have the potential to build earnings. The earnings (or gain from their portfolio) are placed in a Roth IRA opened by the Fellow. “I’m pretty excited about the money I’ve made from my investments – not many of my friends have their own retirement accounts – especially with a balance nearing $4000,” Allison said.

Allison has been a Fellow since 2014, and in addition to dance, her diverse interests include intermural soccer, track and small engine repair. Looking back, she is very happy she made the decision to apply to the MFF program. “At a young age I’ve gained an incredible amount of knowledge and had this real life experience in the stock market. The MFF program gave me insight into the market and finances, something that many of my peers have not had the opportunity to explore.”
With the help of MFF, other teens may learn from Allison’s example, and dance their way toward financial independence.


Fast Facts About Financial Literacy

    • Percentage of college students who say they are prepared to deal with the financial challenges that await them in the real world. 24%


    • Percentage of high school seniors unable to define the term “pension”. 40%


    Percentage of Americans nearing retirement age that have less than $30,000 in savings. 75%

“College graduates spent 16 years gaining skills that will help them command a higher salary; yet little or no time is spent helping them save, invest and grow their money.”

Vince Shorb, CEO, National Financial Educators Council


Morgan Franklin Fellowship is a non-profit organization. As outlined in our mission statement, Students in the MFF program are accepted from all socio-economic groups. Currently 30% of the participants come from a low-income background and are in need of financial sponsorship to remain in the MFF program. If you would like to learn more, please visit our website at

“Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.”

Will Smith – Actor, producer, rapper, comedian and songwriter

Q: How do I apply to the MFF Financial Literacy educational program?

A: Apply by downloading a Student application on the MFF website –

Q: When does the next MFF Educational Program begin?

A: The next MFF Financial Literacy Program begins in January 2019 and runs through October 2019.

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