Middle School student is a financial Fellow!

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Shay O’Hanley attends Windham Middle School in Windham, NH. Her favorite subject is Social Studies and she enjoys baseball, but she is also a MFF Financial Fellow. But what does that mean, exactly? “I learn about the stock market and how it works,” Shay says. Shay got started in the Morgan Franklin Fellowship program in 2014. “This is a fun program, but there are quarterly reports that you need to do. At the end of each year you get to pick new stocks, but the best part is the money that I earn [in the MFF Investment Program] goes into my own Roth IRA. Which helps me save money for retirement.”

When asked if she had any idea how much money was in her account Shay knew…down to the dollar! “I keep an eye on my stocks,” she said with a smile.

Shay’s mother, Shannon O’Hanley, said that MFF has been a positive experience for her daughter. “Shay would never have known about the stock market if she wasn’t involved with the Morgan Franklin Fellowship. It’s been a great opportunity.”

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