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Year one of the Morgan Franklin Fellowship program is designed to give people the opportunity to learn financial literacy concepts. The courses are designed to increase knowledge through completing and passing three, self-paced, interactive modules.

MFF Mentors, whose real life experiences, complement the online programs. Mentors add life-long contacts, a sense of community and people MFF Learners can turn to today and tomorrow.

  • Introduction to Financial Literacy
  • Managing Personal Finances
  • Managing Business and Long-term Finances

Upon successful completion of the Financial Literacy Modules, Learners earn the title “Financial Fellow” and can then apply to the other MFF programs.


MFF Financial Fellows

After successfully completing the three Financial Literacy modules, Financial Fellows are invited to apply to participate in other financial education and hands-on learning programs.

For example, The Morgan Legacy Investment Program is designed for youth 12-20 years of age. This is where the Fellow gets involved in hands-on learning and investing. The Investment Program includes selecting and investing in actual stocks with real money.

MFF is working to develop other, customized programs based on the educational needs of the sponsor. For example we are currently developing programs to include:

  • Military programs
  • Employee benefit programs
  • Home buying and home ownership focused programs

Allison - 2014 Financial Fellow

Become a MFF Mentor

We’re also looking for Mentors

Each Learner/Fellow is partnered with a Mentor. The Mentors reinforce the online educational material to deepen the learning through practical application and support utilizing the Mentor’s personal and professional networks and resources. Mentors guide the development of each Learner/Fellow’s growth through the MFF education process. Ultimately mentors continue their mentoring as Learners become Financial Fellows and begin to participate in other MMF program including the investment program.

A Mentor must be 21 years of age or older, and have in-depth knowledge and experience in finance, the stock market and/or business.

Student & Fellow Testimonials

  • MFF has taught me much about the stock market…and I was able to discuss…various stocks and their behavior thanks to this program.

    Morgan South Carolina
  • Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in this program. I have learned a lot and enjoy earning dividends too!

    Alexa Virginia
  • I have been researching stocks ideas for my own stock portfolio, armed with the knowledge of the Morgan Franklin Fellowship.

    Trent New Hampshire
  • I want to thank Mr. Morgan and the other members of the program for the opportunity to learn how to invest in the market and generate wealth. I previously set up an E-trade account and can’t wait to take what I have learned and start my investments.

    John North Carolina
  • I am so glad to be a part of the Morgan Franklin Fellowship and I can’t say what it has done for my understanding of the financial world.

    Andrew North Carolina
  • Thank you again for the opportunity to be part of this group. It has given me a lot of knowledge on how the stock market works and what is going on in the world!

    Shay New Hampshire
  • The online MFF educational program was easy to navigate and that it made it easy to understand and actually learn something from the reading. I loved the fact that at the end of the lessons there were articles, videos, and games. Having that extra information in a different format really tied everything together and made the lessons very clear.

    Jaden Illinois
  • Over the last 4 years in the MFF program, I have gained an incredible amount of knowledge. This real life experience in the stock market has given me insight that many of my peers have not had the opportunity to explore.

    Allison Connecticut

Mentor & Parent Testimonials

  • The Morgan Franklin Fellowship has provided us with a valuable opportunity to discuss the importance of saving and investing in an engaging way.  Being able to allow participants to research and choose stocks,  then monitor the results of those choices, teaches them a lot about how to research stocks, understand what factors can influence their performance, and the overall value of beginning to save at an early age.   I would recommend this program for middle school and high school kids as it provides them with a solid education on investing and saving which will benefit them in their future no matter what they end up pursuing for a career.

    Andrew New Hampshire
  • Within the first 3 months of the MFF program, my two sons gained enough knowledge about the stock market, investing and wealth management to enable them an intelligent conversation with my Wells Fargo financial advisor.

    Dale North Carolina
  • I have two children ages 13 and 15 years old that have each been enrolled in the Morgan Franklin Fellowship Program for three years. It has been satisfying to watch their understanding of the stock market increase. This is a very meaningful and educational program.

    Tom North Carolina
  • The MFF program provides a great opportunity for young Fellows to learn key financial concepts and money strategies in a thoughtful and structured manner. The principles learned in this program are key and represent the core basics everyone should know regardless of their profession or career path they seek to pursue.

    Eric New Hampshire
  • Thank you for your work and leadership in training young minds for a lifetime of financial dealings, especially the importance of investing.

    Brad Georgia
  • Excellent job in creating the MFF course material and website. The content is well written and easy to comprehend. It provides an easy on-ramp for financial understanding. It is very easy to navigate and intuitive. I consider this Morgan Franklin Fellowship Financial Literacy Program to be an excellent product to offer to students.

    Keith Illinois
  • I have spent nearly 40 years sharpening the critical/analytic skills of high school students. Important skills which will serve them well in their educational journey. This program [the Morgan Franklin Fellowship Foundation], however, will serve them throughout their lives.

    Bruce New Hampshire
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If you are interested in becoming a student, mentor or sponsor, please call Melissa.